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Who and what?

Tõnis and Marlen are two people, who pro­duce all sort of dif­ferent cre­ative stuff.Mainly our ac­tivity is de­signing and cre­ating ob­jects. We our­selves con­sider ea­chother artists. Or in other words people, who what­ever they do, try to put their soul into it - create. Quite often prod­ucts in the shops dont suit us and so we have to de­sign our own stuff. Looking at dif­ferent ob­jects and prod­ucts we ask :"Why are they like this?"

In one word it's some­thing sim­ilar to con­stant world cre­ation. Since the varity of what we do is fairly large, one can order very dif­ferent things from us. Forex­ample stuff con­cerning graph­ical de­sign (logos, ban­ners, prints,web page) or pure art (paint­ings, draw­ings, photos, some ob­jects) or artistic hand­i­craft (blan­kets, pil­lows, books, hand­made cards etc.) Some of the stuff we have cre­ated you can have a look at on this very page. In the fu­ture we try to put up a small web-shop, where it's pos­sible to ob­tain some art­works that have gath­ered in our drawers.